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Noise created by millions of ads made people blind to pushed messages. Standard one-sided advertising does not work as well as it did 10 years ago. Today, if you want to make people notice, react and engage with your brand, you should go beyond that. Go interactive.


What is Interactive Video

Simply put, interactive video enables users to directly interact or play with it through clicks, touch, voice etc. It is a great way to engage your customers by giving them control over your content.

The number of ways how to use interactive video is limited only by your imagination. Brands find their own ways to use it to their advantage in the best way.

The most common uses are:

Education: Interactive videos are widely used by companies in their recruitment process, training their employees or evaluation. A good example is Deloitte gamification recruitment video. Another way is to create a “how to” interactive video to familiarize your customers with your products.

Shopping: Interactive videos create distinctive shopping experience. Many online stores offer their products while the video is playing and allow customers to directly add an item to the cart without interruption.

Marketing: interactive video catches customers’ attention by involving them into an interactive story.

Entertainment: very similar to the marketing purpose, interactive video attracts more views.


Why to use it

Visual content is shared on social media 40 times more than other content and it catches attention better than plain text (80% compared to 20%) [1]. This is a crucial argument in favor of the video content marketing.

Since interactive videos offer several paths the user can take and the result of each video will be different, it is significantly more powerful than a normal linear video. While in standard video ads the viewer is rather passive, interactive video gives him the possibility of choosing his way through it.

In the report “The POWER OF video-driven experiences” Exponential names these explicit advantages of interactive video:

  • It is more memorable: up to 94% of viewers could recall the interactive video ad.
  • Users spend more time watching interactive video: up to 205% longer than the standard video ad.
  • it has high emotional engagement
  • Users find interactive videos more compelling than standard ads



Adjusting websites to mobile screen is a must which makes it logical to adjust your interactive videos to smartphones as well. Especially when your target audience is in Middle East – e.g. smartphones in UAE are one of the fastest growing channels.
The popularity of interactive videos is still growing and, with proven effectiveness, there is something else for you to consider. Besides the advantages stated in this article, interactive videos are another way to analyze customer’s behavior.

The topic of interactive video is not over – it will be the topic of the Outreach 2016 conference in Dubai in November.


Download the agenda of the Outreach conference, and see you in Dubai on November 16th and 17th!