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Things change at the speed of light. Today you are leading a successful Facebook page with tens of thousands of followers, catching likes, shares and comments like a pro. Tomorrow - you are a desert. What you need is to constantly search for new approaches and possibilities to grow your business.

Combining social media routine and discovering new opportunities takes time - and you wish a day could have more than 24 hours.

We have compiled a list of 9 social media tools which will be handy when you want to improve engagement with your brand, make your social media routine faster, perform the influencers' and competitor research and harvest the results of your campaigns.


Free and paid from $10/month

You’re launching a new campaign that starts at a particular time, posting one by one on each platform will take your time.

If you haven’t used Buffer before, try it out: it allows you to post your content simultaneously on all your platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+.
You can either create one post for all, or modify individually for each.

If you have just one account per platform, you can use a free option that allows you to create, schedule, optimize and analyze your posts.

Free and paid

If your link looks like this:

Shorten it.

That’s what does: makes your link look nice, short and neat.

But that's not all: if you create an account, it will show you basic stats of the link: clicks, location, referring channels - all that with the free version.

One problem arises: people might not trust your link, because they won’t see where it leads before they click. In this case it is good to invest in the Enterprise version that will allow to create a Branded Short Domain for you and get an in-depth analytics of your customer behavior.


Paid from $99/month

It’s a tedious and yet a rewarding process: searching for the new post ideas that will resonate with your public and identifying emerging trends. Buzzsumo shows you the most shared content across social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

It also allows you to search the influencers of your niche and follow them directly from Buzzsumo. With this tool you can see what content they share and what works best for them.

Besides, it gives extensive data on your competitors: platforms they are using, content they post, their followers’ engagement, etc.


Paid from $99/month

Inkybee is suitable if you are running an agency. It provides a wide range of tools: from research to outreach.
Some of the features:

  • Review on influencers: sizes of audience, level of engagement, social media connections, frequency of posts.
  • Blog search and discovery
  • Contact management: creates contacts from the emails of influencers, automatically connects you with their social media profiles
  • Measure outreach: see what worked and what didn’t.


Paid from $29/month

Some feedback or mentions of your brand requires your immediate action. If you fail to do so, you either lose an opportunity to empower your brand or save its reputation.

Mention is an advanced tool for tracking your brand mentions online. It gives you real time reporting and allows you to receive and react to mentions, assign tasks.

Works with several platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest,



A great hashtag management tool. Not only can you research the most relevant to your business tags, but also create your own tagboard. You simply add your new hashtag, its description and image to the tagboard and receive notifications when someone is talking to you or mention your hashtag across social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Flickr, Vine.

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Pay with a tweet

Free and paid

Let’s say, you have recently written an amazing in-depth report on social media engagement in Dubai. Even though you don’t intend your content to be paid, you still want to increase awareness with the book. And there is a tool that can help you ensure more shares.

With “Pay with a tweet” you can create a “download & share” button. The basic principle of how it works: fill out all needed fields in a form (name of your product, networks to share through, a text that will appear in the shared post, add link to your website, access link to the product etc), review how it will look and embed to your website. Done.

After, when your visitor clicks the button, a new window opens and guides through the whole process of downloading. The service makes sure that the link is available one time per one user, unless you set by yourself the opposite.

Quill Engage

Free and paid from $19.99/month

If you feel overwhelmed by Google Analytics data, this tool helps you “translate” the data into a human language in a form of report. A simple and neat document is sent to your email address periodically and contains essential data: KPIs, including sessions, pageviews and bounce rate, referral traffic, conversions and goals, etc.

KingSumo Headlines

Paid from $99/lifetime

A/B tests are great when you know how to use them right. They tell you what works better for you: green or red button; picture 1 or picture 2; headline A or headline B.

For social media title is important: it sells your content.

KingSumo Headlines is a plug-in for WordPress websites. It makes your testing faster and easier: when writing an article, add not just one, but 2/5/10 variants of headlines you would like to test. After test is run, you see which article headline received the most clicks.

How you can apply it in social media: you know which title triggers the most of your visitors’ reaction. Based on that, you can select the best headline when you post something on social networks.

The list cannot be complete: every day new tools appear and some of them become “lifesavers” for social media marketing. We have presented you the ones that, in our opinion, undertake many time-consuming tasks while leaving you a room for developing your business.

If you use some other helpful tool that is not on the list, share it with us!

Download the agenda of the Outreach conference, and see you in Dubai on November 16th and 17th!