Every conference we do at Fleming. follows the same quality rule:

  1. Conference producer (in this case, our fabulous Ruchi Nema) assembles a pool of advisors that live & breathe the market.
  2. We discuss with them what matters the most and build a conference agenda based on that

Based on the same process, we selected topics for this year's Outreach about to happen this November in Dubai (Download full topic overview here).

In this post, you'll find four of the conference topics - and the speakers who will deliver talks about them.

1. Stories

Anwar Al Amin

The best books make you want to read just one more chapter, until you realize you cannot give it away.  That’s a great example of how powerful stories can be.

Stories engage people, drag them into a different world and create emotional bonds. They are much easier to memorize and recall after.

Unlike the typical "Buy now" digital ads, which are often ignored, stories communicate with audiences on deeper levels, so they want to have just “one more bite”.

Although storytelling became a buzzword, only few companies embraced it successfully.

Anwar Al Amin, an Ad Films Director at AAFilmz, with a solid experience of creating engaging ad films will bring this topic up on the first day of the Outreach conference in Dubai. He will present the highlights of the latest storytelling campaigns that yielded successful results, and explain how to align and sequence the story with your value proposition.

2. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Augmented and virtual reality created another opportunity for companies to engage with their customers.

Virtual reality - computer generated environment simulating real life and allowing users to interact within.

Augmented reality - a live view on a real life environment with supplemented computer generated elements (sound, video, graphics or GPS data)

Not only is it the “latest thing”, but it also brings new interactive and engaging element in the “ordinary” world of marketing, where novelty is not only appreciated, but expected.

That’s why this hot topic is a part of the conference, and our guest speaker Clyde DeSouza from VR Filmmaker will explain how companies are combining Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to influence marketing campaigns.

3. Real-time

In a nutshell, real time marketing is build around current trends and events.

Ability to react fast on certain events increases your chances to attract customers. Thanks to social networks, real-time marketing became more effective. Now up-to-date information is easy to obtain and all it takes minutes to connect this info with you message.

To explain you how, our special guest Rafael Prandini, Real Time & Commercial Experiences Director at Coca Cola, will take a closer look at this approach and present the main learnings from the real time marketing plan for Rio 2016.

4. A perfect launch

The number of startups doesn't seem to be declining, especially with the development of technologies. However, only a small percentage of all initiatives lucks out.

Joy Ajlouny, the co-founder of Fetchr will tell how to turn your startup into an international company, share her experience from launching Bon Faire and Fetchr, and explain how to take advantage of failures.

This was an overview of some of the topics that will be discussed at the Outreach 2016 in Dubai, 16 - 17 November. But there is much more: download the conference agenda to see all the topics.