Experience is an engine that drives us forward, and one we need to pass on. Who else would you ask all your burning questions about entrepreneurship, marketing, and startups, if not other successful entrepreneurs and marketers?

Here are three talks and discussions to look out for at the Outreach 2016 conference, November 16-17. Be a part of it all.



They’re all about those stumbled beginnings that newcomers face on the business scene. Given by those that have already gone through them, or are currently in the process. Spoken with a focus on the Middle Eastern business scene, but not without a global context.

From luxury fashion in the Middle East, through e-commerce in the Silicon Valley, to media, public relations, and advertising throughout the whole world. You’ll enjoy a wide range of useful knowledge and experience, and ways to grow taller and bigger from different challenges. Talks will include:

  • Lessons on turning failures into success with a focus on Middle Eastern startups

  • Fundamental strategies for launching a successful startup

  • Value creation beyond its broad definition, explained on a case study

These three points will be discussed on Day 1 of the Outreach 2016 conference at 9:15 AM.



  • Her Excellency Sara Al Madani, Board Member, Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Board Member of shjSEEN, founder, Rouge Couture

  • Joy Ajlouni, co-founder, Fetchr

  • Luma Bourisly, founder and vision-creation, Kooot.com


Interested in what our speakers have to say?



Five impressingly experienced speakers, three out of nine digital marketing channels that they each choose from, 12 minutes of campaign efforts and success stories to tell you about.

The digital channels discussed all highly resonate with our modern world. We, as a society, are globalized, perpetually online, digitalised, hooked on to social media, and convergent in our device usage. We look up to role models, but at the same time, tend to display a large degree of independent decision-making. How does a startup marketer make a sense of that, and target his customers in the right way?

Well, come over and see / hear for yourself.

These are the channels that will be covered:

  • Social Media

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Display Advertising

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Search engine Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Pay-per-click Marketing

  • Video Marketing


To hear all about this, join us at the conference on Day 2 at 9 AM.



  • Semia Hasan, Founder, Direction Dose

  • Yulay Khazhimuratov, Digital Marketing Manager, Compareit4me

  • Gaurav Agarwal, Digital Marketing Strategist, Esybuy

  • Malak Karajah, Head of Digital Marketing, Fetchr

  • Rakesh Ramesh, Digital Marketing Direction, Careem



Blogging, although ubiquitous, is not a simple art. In fact, it’s a complex science. The biggest trends to this day distinguish between micro and macro blogging. What are their advantages and disadvantages, and which do you employ in your specific marketing strategy? That will be the topic of our first roundtable discussion, titled accordingly: ‘Micro vs. Macro Blogging’. 

How do you establish a community through your marketing? That is, if you don’t want to be joining an already existing community. Be the wolf, not the herd of sheep. Make your own.

But how do you establish a strategy, a communication flow, and, first and foremost---your own marketplace? You’ll find out if you join the roundtable discussion called ‘Community Development: Harnessing the Power for Marketing Benefits’.


You’ll join the speakers, the creators, and the contributors in both of these discussions. Come and share your experience, your know-how, and receive valuable information from other marketers in return.

You can do that at Day 1 of the conference at 16:30.


Does our agenda strike any of your marketing-savvy heartstrings? Download the agenda for Outreach 2016 Conference and explore what it has to offer.