This is the second part where we continue reviewing hot topics for the Middle East marketers in 2017. If you missed the first part, read it here. All of them will be discussed at Outreach 2016, November 16-17th in Dubai.

#1 Real-time marketing — what’s in it for you?

Real-time marketing (RTM) is for those companies and marketers who are able to adjust to the current events immediately. Moreover, they should be able to find out how to link two (or more) unrelated, at the first glance, things.  

Ingenuity, ability to stay up to date and courage — that’s what it takes to succeed at the RTM. Easy to say, hard to achieve. That is why it is important to learn from those ones who are “been there, done that”.

November 16, we will host Rafael Prandini — a Real-Time & Commercial Experiences Director at Coca-Cola

Here is what you will learn from Rafael:

  • Why does Coca-Cola believe so much in real-time marketing?
  • How did this digital capability evolve since FiFA World Cup 2014?
  • What are the main learnings from the real-time marketing plan for Rio 2016?

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#2 Analyse, automate and profit: driving sales from your data

The world is overwhelmed with data. Really big data. 

Look at the data analytics market: it is getting saturated with more and more tools, systems and courses. Nevertheless, many companies still think that the work with data ends at getting occasional reports from Google Analytics. 

Working closely with our data, we can assure that there is always room for development in terms of utilizing your data. That’s is why we dedicate a full section of Outreach to this topic.

What you should expect:

  • Learning about statistical methods to maximize the effectiveness of data
  • Evaluating the right software by ascertaining if relevant data can be made available in real time
  • Finding the right data trigger to ensure that you get the desired results by reaching out at the right moment
  • Predicting customer behavior with analytics to uncover impactful insights in advance
  • Succeeding at SEO

Three professionals will talk: 

Gaurav Oberoi, Global Head – Digital Marketing & eCommerce, Dabur International
Noha Wagih, Director of Social Media and Digital Marketing, Visa
Nitin Sharma, Director Marketing Strategy, UAE Exchange

#3 A 360° view on display ads

Display advertising is a dynamic area. You need to be highly skilled for making the most out of it. We challenge you to upgrade your knowledge about display ads:

  • Learn how to use programmatic buying in your digital strategy
  • Understand how DHL leverages digital marketing
  • Discuss the lack of Arabic online content and what can be done
  • Improve Ad viewability

We’ve invited 4 experts who will share their know-hows:

David Parkinson, Head of Digital Marketing (MENA & India), Nissan Motors
Chrisitan CITU, Global Digital Marketing Director, DHL
Nawaf Felemban, Founder and CEO, Kasra
Sanjay Patney, Director Marketing and Communications, Dubai South

More good stuff is coming next week. In the last topic overview, we will feature not only sessions but also features of the event: round tables, panel discussions, conference ruffle and other highlights.

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